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Pastoral Care Ministry/Christian Counseling Covenant

What you should know…

Thank you for allowing us to walk beside you during this season and to help you sustain and grow in your faith during this period of trial.

Our primary focus will be to assist you in receiving the Truth that the Holy Spirit is speaking into your life and to help you gain the wisdom and discernment the Lord is attempting to dispense so that you might realize His perfect will for your life and to help you walk in faith and obedience to His will.

Understand that no man can fully hear or understand the will of God unless we completely surrender to His guiding.  We pray that you might share in His gifting and anointing of our ministry.

As we embark on this journey, below are a few things that we would like you to understand (please read and initial your acknowledgment and understanding):

  1. We offer Pastoral Care – Pastoral Care/Christian Counseling is a broad category.  Here we mean that we intend to help you discern what the Lord is doing; specifically what He is trying to do and to speak into your life.  We will try to provide guidance and direction within a Christian framework to assist you in understanding, from a Scriptural context whereby the answers to your unique and perplexing situation might be found, so that you may better reconcile the reality of your present situation with God’s perfect will for our lives.  _________
  2. We are NOT Clinical Counselors – after careful evaluation of your situation we might recommend that you also seek the services of a secular counselor or mental health professional, but we prefer to be guided by the Holy Spirit in creating an atmosphere conducive to receiving God’s healing which should be more than sufficient.  The Pastoral Care/Christian Counseling we offer is based entirely upon Biblical Truths, theological training, and life-experience in our walk with the Holy Spirit.  _________
  3. We are NOT Clinical Counselors – while we might recommend this type of counseling as an adjunct, but never as a sole alternative, answer we do not presume to offer “clinical counseling” services. _________
  4. We are NOT licensed psychologists, psychiatrists, or sociologists – while there may be times when our discussions may utilize psychological terms/concepts; these are merely useful terms for summarizing various situations/conditions.  We do NOT presume to act as psychologists.  _________
  5. We WILL be discreet – we will be careful with the information you share with us.  However, due to the realities of the secular world, we are held to State laws which require the reporting of certain behaviors and/or actions including, but not limited to, physical and/or sexual abuse, etc.  We may also need to seek outside intervention when faced with certain life-threatening, physical/mental well-being situations where bound by moral/legal obligations.  In other words, 100% confidentiality cannot be guaranteed.  While complete disclosure of any/all underlying causes/reasons is encouraged, we must advise you that certain moral/legal obligations may take precedence to maintaining confidentiality.  _________
  6. Maintenance of Confidentiality – as mentioned above, there are substantial limits placed upon our ability to offer complete confidentiality.  Situations may arise where outside individuals/entities can legally force us to disclose certain information.  _________
  7. We maintain Biblical accountability – the services and guidance we offer are entirely Scripturally-based and we believe we are held to the utmost standards in terms in their deliverance.  There may be times when other avenues may appear to be viable, but we prefer strict adherence to God’s Word for guidance and direction.  _________
  8. We MAY refer you to others – if the situation arises, or we reach a point that causes us to believe that you need assistance which does not fall within the purview of Pastoral Care/Christian Counseling we might recommend that you seek outside assistance.  We will not necessarily recommend or endorse any specific service or provider but we can help you select a viable alternative, with the Lord’s help.  It will be up to you to make the final decision regarding the utilization of any person/organization.  If during the course of our relationship we become aware of circumstances where we believe you might present a substantial risk of harm to yourself or another person we reserve to the right to contact certain legally authorized entities for intervention.  At times, this may be based solely upon our understanding and/or interpretation that we need to exercise our best judgment.  This is an under-girding condition to our continued counseling relationship.  _________
  9. We expect you to do your part – our willingness and desire to invest considerable time/resources with you is based upon the expectation that you truly desire to grow in the Lord and to reconcile your situation.  This relationship is a PARTNERSHIP.  As such, no amount of time or effort invested on our part will yield fruit if you are not willing, able, and ready to participate fully in this endeavor.  We reserve the right to discontinue this relationship if we determine that this is the case.  _________
  10. All suggestions/recommendations are voluntary – during the course of our relationship we will offer suggestions for you to prayerfully consider and follow.  Your decision to follow or disregard these is entirely up to you.  The continuation of our Pastoral Care is not totally dependent upon your following our suggestions unless the nature of your disregard is sufficiently consistent and rises to the level of egregious disregard that our exercise of paragraph 9 above becomes necessary.  _________
  11. We do NOT offer legal advice – there may be occasions where your circumstances and your response to them may result in legal ramifications.  Please bear in mind, while we may have certain experience in legal matters, we are not licensed attorneys and have no formal training in such matters.  We will err on the side of caution in this area and urge you to seek out expert legal advice should it become apparent.  _________
  12. Care is subject to scheduling – all pastoral care is subject to availability of appointment times.  To this end, we will make every effort to be accommodating to your schedule but we do have other clients and commitments.  We cannot always be available at convenient times.  We expect this to be a mutually respectful relationship and subject to cooperation and will make every effort to be available, but appointments are subject to a first-come-first-served basis.  _________
  13. Cancellations – we recognize that there has to be some flexibility and realize that there may arise certain unforeseen conditions which may result in one or both parties being able to make a previously scheduled appointment.  On our end we will endeavor to make every effort to be available as scheduled and respectfully request you do the same.  _________
  14. Continued Medical Treatment – if you are seeking pastoral care for a situation that might involve a medical condition, please make us aware of this.  We will be happy to cooperate with your medical care professional in appropriate situations.  Do NOT substitute Pastoral Care/Christian Counseling for medical treatment and do NOT discontinue or alter any medical care as a result of our relationship.  Any change to your on-going medical treatment should only be made under the advice of your medical care professional.  _________
  15. No guarantees expressed or implied – While we know that God is faithful in all things and we are confident in His wisdom and sovereignty.  Through Scriptural promises we can guarantee that God loves you and will never leave nor forsake you.  However, His ways are not our ways and are higher than our ways and we cannot guarantee that He will act in a manner consistent with our desires or within our timing.  Our commitment is that we will stand beside you and walk along side you in an effort to understand and discern God’s will for your life.  We will do what is within our limited capacity to help you in this spiritual undertaking.  _________
  16. Fee Schedule – our fee structure and method of payment is determined on an individual basis involving a variety of factors including income, length, depth, and intensity of counseling and will be covered under a separate document.  This is generally based on a per-hour sliding scale which can range from $20/hr. to $75/hr.  _________

We follow certain accepted practices and standards and adhere to the code of ethical standards of the N.C.C.A. (National Christian Counselors Association).

With these things in mind we are happy to serve you in whatever way we can.  Kindly indicate your acknowledgment and agreement by initialing each paragraph in the spaces above and by signing below:

I/We have read and understand this document in its entirety and agree to each statement.  Signing this document is my free and voluntary act and I understand that this agreement can be discontinued at any time by either party.

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About Kenna.......

Kenna Knotts brings a unique voice to Christian Counseling – compassionate, charitable, firm, and direct – all the while remaining positive and confident in God's love and grace. She has many personal perspectives on the problems of today.

Kenna has experienced an unloving childhood, dealing with adoptive issues, rejection, verbal, emotional, and physical abuse.
In adulthood, Kenna was a victim of (stranger) rape, infertility challenges, an ungodly marriage, divorce, single parenthood – including the joys of homeschooling her daughter – and numerous economic and career challenges. Through it all, Kenna has always kept a growing love and faith in, and for the Lord.
Late in life, Kenna found her niche in Private Investigations.  Kenna established her own company and although she has performed all the “classic” private investigator activities…surveillance, background checks, property/deed verifications, and process serves, Kenna found her true gift in searching for birth parents, adoptees, and siblings. Throughout literally hundreds of searches and reunions, Kenna has been instrumental in helping clients navigate the emotional roller coaster concerning all parties of the adoption triad.
A recognized expert in this unique and highly specialized field, Kenna has given talks to numerous Adoption Support Groups and has been a guest speaker on WAEC Love 860 AM Radio, out of Atlanta, Georgia and has been a guest on various other radio stations. She has also been written about several times in the Columbus Dispatch and was recently featured as the subject of an inspiring article in Women's World Weekly, a national magazine. Steve and Kenna co-authored an article requested by The State Library of Ohio for their November, 2011 issue.
Kenna has been blessed by the Lord not only with a Godly marriage to her best friend, and partner, Steve, but with the love and wonderful relationships with her daughter, AmyElida, son-in-law, Randy, granddaughter Ella, and stepdaughter, Tori.  

About Steve.......

Steve Knotts brings a wide array of life, educational, and vocational experiences to the Christian Counseling arena.

No stranger to hard-work, growing up in an Appalachian agricultural family with deeply rooted Christian traditions and strong work-ethics, Steve began working as a youngster in the rapidly vanishing job-market of mowing lawns/yard-work, and delivering the Columbus Citizen Journal – anything to make a dime!  As a teenager, Steve continued working a variety of jobs.....everything from restaurants, farm labor, construction, operating heavy equipment, and factory work…all teaching him new skills, opportunities, and challenges......
As a young man in his twenties, while a student at OSU, Steve was hired at a large information science publishing firm to work as a…“mail-boy”.  Steve rose rapidly through the ranks holding various supervisory/management positions.  He obtained his Associate and Bachelors of Science degrees with dual majors in Management Science and Industrial Management. He ended his corporate career as a Systems Engineer where he managed various large-scale project teams.  During this period he also established his own independent Management Consulting practice.  Steve also developed and conducted many training seminars on a wide variety of technical and management, leadership, and human resource subjects.  He holds a Master's Degree (MPA) in Public Policy & Management and is currently pursuing his Doctorate of Theology Degree.
At the ripe old age of 40, Steve fulfilled his dream of being in law enforcement successfully completing the rigorous training regimen with men and women half his age.  He is currently a Sergeant with the Columbus Police Department with over 25 yrs. experience. His background and training there have been both broad and deep. He has received specialized training in Investigations, Interviewing/Interrogation as well as Crisis Intervention. While serving in the patrol function and as a precinct sergeant, Steve has responded to hundreds of critical incidents and has counseled people in a full-range of life-issues such as suicide, domestic violence/abuse, anger management, adolescent problems, substance abuse, etc.
Steve's walk with God began at an early age, but he was specifically called by the Lord late in life to dedicate the remainder of his time in the Lord's service. Steve is both an ordained minister as well as a commissioned Stephen Minister. He has launched his own ministry for the purpose of outreach and evangelism.

Additionally, Steve serves with Global Media Outreach, an internet Great Commission organization.  With GMO he served as not only an on-line missionary and community leader over other on-line missionaries reaching the unreached around the world sharing the Gospel of the Kingdom of God, but also as a "Guardian" over 35 church communities in the northeast United States coordinating their on-line missionary activities.  Lately, he has stepped down from these administrative functions in order to better focus on discipling his contacts in their continued walk with Christ. 
Steve is also an accomplished musician and has performed for a number of years both solo, and with a variety of bluegrass, country, and country-rock groups, at both small and large venues.
A participant in failed marriages, Steve has at long-last been blessed by the Lord with a Christ-centered marriage to his best friend and life-partner, Kenna.  He has a daughter, Tori, step-daughter AmyElida, son-in-law Randy, and granddaughter, Ella.

Steve has partnered with Kenna in bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to hurting people and families with their Pastoral/Christian Counseling Service.

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